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Multiple mains (utility) capability (with additional module).
To monitor alternative mains supplies to ensure generator power is supplied at the exact time required.

Mains (Utility) failure detection, mains (utility) power monitoring (kW, kV Ar, kV A & pf) monitoring, mains (utility) decoupling protection, mains (utility) kW export protection.
Gives full mains (utility) back-up and provides no break synchronisation that includes peak lopping and peak shaving options with mains (utility) power monitoring.
Sequential set start.
Allows control over the number of sets starting at any one time. E.g. All start or start on load demand.
Configurable inputs/outputs (11/8).
Provides multiple installation options.
kW & kV Ar load sharing.
Provides controlled power delivery.
Remote communications (RS232, RS485, Ethernet).
Provides secure and simple off site monitoring. All ports are continuously active.
Configurable event log (250).
Provides access to historical alarms and operational status.
Integral PLC editor.
Ensures additional applications are easily integrated into the system.

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