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کتاب هیدرولیک



فهرست مطالب(Table of Contents):

لیست شکل ها و مطالب(LIST OF FIGURES AND TABLES)

فصل 1.مبانی هیدرولیک(CHAPTER 1. Hydraulic Basics)

فصل 2.سیستم های هیدرولیک(CHAPTER 2. Hydraulic Systems.)

فصل 3.پمپ ها(CHAPTER 3. Pumps)

فصل4.محرک های هیدرولیک(CHAPTER 4. Hydraulic Actuators)

فصل 5.شیرها(CHAPTER 5. Valves)

فصل 6.عیب یابی و نمودار مدارها(CHAPTER 6. Circuit Diagrams and Troubleshooting)

فصل 7.تجهیزات الکتریکی:عیب یابی و (CHAPTER 7. Electrical Devices: Troubleshooting and Saf)



: (مقدمه)Preface
This field manual (FM) serves as a guide for personnel who operate and maintain military equipment using hydraulic-powered control systems. It includes general information covering basic hydraulics and describes the properties and characteristics of fluids and several
types of pumps, motors, valves, and controls. This manual also deals with piping, tubing, and hoses used to convey fluid under pressure. It describes the functions and types of reservoirs, strainers, filters, and accumulators. It discusses the purposes and types of seals and packings used in fluid power systems. The contents of this manual are applicable to both nuclear and nonnuclear warfare. The Appendix contains an English to metric  .measurement conversion char

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