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یکسو کننده ها-منابع تغذیه

یکسوکننده ها

در این پست می توانید مقاله ای به زبان انگلیسی در مورد یکسو کننده های دیودی -فیلتر ها و منابع تغذیه دریافت کنید.

Diode Rectifiers,Filters, and Power Supplies

(A power supply takes Alternating Current or A.C. power from your electric utility (Con Edison
and converts the A.C. electrical current into D.C. or Direct Current. Power supplies have several componets
which are at first understood separatly and then they are joined together. First the transformer
converts the A.C. from Con Edison into a lower or higher voltage and we have already had some experience
using transformers. Next solid state diode are used to convert the A.C. from the transformer into
D.C. albeit not with a constant voltage. At least after the power has gone through the diode rectifiers, the
electric current is of only one sign either positive or negative. Next the fluctuating electric current is
smoothed with a filter usually made of a resistor and capacitor. The resistor and capacitor act as alow
pass filter and the high frequency electric current is blocked. Finally some more smoothing is done with

.a voltage regulator


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